Moving a Library of Books? Here Are a Few Tips that Will Make Packing Them Easier!

Are you a bibliophile who’s preparing to move?

Maybe your home is like a small library and just the thought of packing up all your hardbacks creates anxiety. While it might be true that packing books is easier than packing dishware, it’s still important to have some kind of plan in place. If your books are important to you, then you’ll want to make sure that you pack them so that they don’t get damaged, and so that you can fit as many as necessary into one box.

If you’re trying to pack your library and you still need to find moving services in Bucks County, PA, Chester County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia, or any other surrounding community, then give Brothers Movers a call to see what we can do. We offer reliable moving services for residents in the Philadelphia area and we can always help pack a library if that’s necessary. One of our favorite tips for book-packing is to sort. Sometimes books lose value, and some topic areas may no longer be of interest to you. Create a donation pile and try to leave behind as many as possible so that your boxes don’t end up weighing a ton.

Another great tip is to make sure that you have the appropriate packing supplies for your books.  We suggest using cardboard boxes and packing paper. You’ll want to use clean and soft packing paper to keep covers scratch-free. Old t-shirts also make great packing material and you can opt for newspapers, too.

One more tip from Brothers Movers is to choose how to pack your books and choose between either stacking them upright or setting them flat. You can arrange them upright so that they resemble what they’d look like on a shelf. You can also just set them flat in the box, with the heaviest books at the bottom. Either of these choices if safe for your books and will get them to your next destination free of damage.

If you still need help finding movers that serve Montgomery County, PA, give Brothers Movers a call. We can help you find packing solutions for all of your books, and we can offer flexible booking schedules, as well!

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