4 Tips for Helping You Pack Valuables for the Big Move

Are you preparing for a big move? Maybe you already have your moving date in place and now you just need to get packing. At Brothers Movers, we know that moving is a big process. It can take a lot of time to get everything packed on your own, especially fragile or valuable items. Yet with the right help and a few pointers, the moving process can go quickly and smoothly. At Brothers Movers, we’ve got four tips for helping you pack your valuables for your next move.

1. Make an inventory.
This is one of the most important tips when packing valuables. While documenting all of your valuables might be time-consuming, it is well-worth it because you’ll want to keep track of everything you packed for the big day. Taking a few notes and then photographing your possessions is a good idea for making sure that you have documentation if anything goes wrong. If your valuables are important to you, then don’t skip this important step.

2. Pack your paintings and your pictures with care.
Any valuable painting and picture needs to be packed properly for a long-distance move. If the only protection you give them in a big moving truck is a towel or a blanket draped over the top of the frame, you’re just asking for trouble. For these kinds of items, you’ll want to invest in special boxes. At Brothers Movers, we can help you find the best boxes for paintings and pictures if you require assistance. If you’re on the hunt for movers near Montgomery County, PA, Bucks County, Philadelphia, or any neighboring communities, then let Brothers Movers help you out this season.

3. Use a side-by-side method for packing dishes.
Dishware can be tricky to pack, but there are still ways to do it effectively. One of the best suggestions that we have for packing dishes is to use several layers of paper inside the boxes. Once you’ve got your paper situated, set each dish inside the box edge-side down. Make sure you don’t pack them with the flat-side down. This usually results in them breaking.

4. Use sturdy boxes for electronics.
It doesn’t make sense to pack for a big move without taking good care of your electronics. At Brothers Movers, we are always ready to help our customers with whatever they need for their move, whether it’s related to packing, hauling or driving. Each one of our team members is committed to providing you with a successful, stress-free moving experience. We suggest investing in a few sturdy boxes for all of your electronics. If you still have them on hand, manufacturers boxes work best, but other sturdy, reliable boxes will work if needed. It’s also a good idea to label your boxes so that you know what’s in them when you arrive at your new destination.

If you’re looking for moving companies that serve Chester County, PA and other areas, Brothers Movers is ready to be of service. To learn more tips and tricks when it comes to moving, please make sure to ready our other blog posts!

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