How To Quickly and Effectively Pack Your Bathroom for A Move

Are you getting ready for a big move? Most of us know that moving can be both hectic and stressful. With Brothers Movers, making a transition can be efficient and professional. With the right team on your side, moving can be an exciting process that prepares you for the next phase in your life. In fact, if you’re on the hunt for professional moving companies that serve Montgomery County, PA, Bucks County, Chester County, or Philadelphia, then Brothers Movers can help you with what you need!

At Brothers Movers, we understand that packing for a move is often a dreaded task. With a few helpful ideas, you can get your home and packed up in no time. We’ve even got a few ideas for helping you pack your bathroom for the big move!

One of the first steps in packing your bathroom should be to sort and purge.

Go through all of your toiletries, accessories, linens, medicines and cleaning supplies. Make a separate pile for each of these categories and then assess whether you really need them all or not. Moving is a lot easier when you aren’t bogged down with tons of personal belongings. At Brothers Movers, we recommend tossing any old toilet brushes, bars of soap, or shampoo bottles.  

Pack your items in small, durable boxes and label them with a marker.

Another tip we suggest is placing all of your liquid-based toiletries inside Ziploc bags before boxing them up.You can even use grocery bags to do the trick. Still need help? At Brothers Movers, we offer cost-effective packing and storing services, so you never need to be completely overwhelmed with your big move. Each one of our team members can help you find simple and effective ways to pack so that you have more time to focus on other tasks.

At Brothers Movers, we also suggest that you pack a first-night bathroom box with only the essentials.

Some of the items inside this box might include a washcloth and a towel, toothbrush, and any necessary medications. If you have space, you can add makeup and a hairbrush, too.

If you need to find moving companies near Bucks County, PA that are both trusted and affordable, then count on Brothers Movers. To learn more about how we can make your move easy, just browse our site!

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