Moving Terms & Definitions

dc6GdRoc9Some of us have never moved before and may not be familiar with some of the terms. So here are some explanations for moving lingo.


SETTLEMENTS: Settlements are when you are buying or selling a property. All states are slightly different. For sake of argument in the state of Pennsylvania you would have a settlement at a Title Company. Some states require real estate attorneys.


WALK THROUGH: When you purchase or sell a home you have what we call walk through’s. This gives you and the seller/buyer the opportunity to actually walk through the new property before settlement to see that all is well. This is usually done approximately one (1) hour before settlement.


CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: Many of your office buildings and apartment complexes require what is called a certificate of insurance from your mover. This shows them your mover is in compliance and insured with the requirements of your state.


DOWN TIME: When buying and selling a home you have settlement times as discussed earlier. You need to have your first home empty before going to settlement and can not move in to your new home until your next settlement is complete. This is called down time. When the movers are waiting to be able to get in to the new home.


HOISTING: As furniture gets larger and builders become more creative you may find yourself in a position where your household goods don’t fit through doorways or stairwells. They may need to be hoisted on roofs and through windows. You may find additional charges can occur.


Please go to The Federal Motor Carriers site for any questions you may have…


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