Packing Tips

As exciting and joyful as moving to a new home can be we understand that moving and packing can be a very strenuous time in our lives. With that being said the following is here to guide you through the process with as least amount of anguish as possible. Please take a moment and see how our Tips of the Trade can benefit you. We will be adding new tips every so often to stay up to date with the times. Please check back for new ideas and suggestions.


Organization First

Getting organized is the number 1 key element to a successful move. Whether you move by a professional or do it yourself. Start by getting rid of that old junk you have in that attic or basement. Sorry for referring to your prize possessions as junk. You know as well as I do you haven’t even looked at them in how many years? Now is the time. Find some Local Charities for clothes, household furnishings & books that may be able to be useful for others.

If you have decided to go with a professional mover there are quite a few things to keep in mind.

Are there Settlements for either property involved on moving day?

Are you going to be in the need for storage?

Are you staying local or moving long distance?

Are there any time restrictions?

Is there an elevator at either location?

These are just a few of the determining factors for moving day. At Brothers Movers we will walk you through every step of the process to try and keep your costs as low as possible. From Settlement Times and Walk Throughs to possible Down Time.

Your moving, right? So you need to get boxed up and organized for moving day. You want to be able to start this process well in advance. Organization is the key.

Start your self a checklist. This should include everything from paperwork needed to contact numbers. From supplies to calling a mover. Stay on top of things. It will be very helpful down the line.

Start getting boxed up. The more boxes you have taped closed & the more organized you are the quicker everything is going to be. If you have loose stuff all over or items sticking out of boxes it will make for a longer more difficult load in to the truck. Think of the truck as a puzzle. You need to make all the pieces fit .

Make a few what I like to call survivor boxes. These are the items you will need right away. Kids favorite cereal bowls, medicines, toiletries etc. Keep in mind the lasts things you have out are usually the first things you need.


Now beyond the basics in moving

#1. When Packing Up for a move think twice before just throwing something in a box. Make sure the box is strong enough for the item in it. You are going to want to cushion the bottom and top of a box. Boxes will be sitting on top of each other for a period of time. You don’t want the box to crush.

#2. Marking Your Boxes for moving. Get yourself a few good black markers and put on the top or side of the box what room the box is going to. You also may want to mark what’s in the box for your convenience. It helps to stay organized.

#3. Your Dresser Drawers. Another helpful hint to keep the moving process simpler for you. Any standard dressers or chests that are in good sturdy condition you may keep lightweight clothing in. Remove any breakables, jewelry, books etc. Clothes only. Armoirs, wardrobes & anything with shelving does need to be emptied out.

#4. Books. I don’t want to insult any one’s intelligence but PLEASE do not use the box your old 36″ TV came in for books. Be sensible. If you can move it the movers can move it. Tape the bottom of the box extremely well and place books flat or spine side down. Spine side up may damage the edges of the books. Use the old TV box for your linens.

Next time we’re going to touch on those messy garages and basements we all have. Get started now. Clean out. Donate.

#5. Moving & Packing Basements and Garages. For those of you that have that have that dumping ground in the area we politely call basements here is a few quick tips. THROW AWAY and GET ORGANIZED. Funny how those same words keep popping up. This is most important in basements & garages. Get yourselves some large strong boxes for sleeping bags, kids toys, holiday items, sporting good equipment, etc and organize into a few boxes. Suitcases can be used for items you will need for the first few days. Fill them up if need be. GARAGES need a bit more thought. Do not box up anything flammable. Flammable items can not go on the trucks. If they were to explode not only is everything ruined you have now voided any insurance coverage. PLUS let’s not forget that the movers is going to be highly annoyed with you. Enough said on that, let’s continue. Use trash cans for rakes, shovels etc. Any shelving units may need to be dismantled. Check with your mover to see if your situation warrants it. Otherwise…that’s right, get organized.

#6. MOVING NO NO’S. One of the biggest mistakes people make on local moves is thinking that since they are moving locally they don’t need to pack up the same as if they were moving long distance. What is the word we keep hearing over & over again? ORGANIZATION. Key to all moves.

Please visit The Federal Motor Carriers web site for any questions you may have.


"Blown away! Brothers Movers are the best you can get. Professional, personable and perfection. They show up early to peruse the situation, ask questions to be certain they have the facts right and get to work. When all is moved in, they ask if there is anything else you want them to do. Nuf said!!"