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Winter Driving Safety Tips

If you’re moving this winter, and will be driving your car to your new location, prepping your vehicle for the drive is a vital, but often neglected task. Here are a few tips to help keep you, and your car, safe during the move.

SERVICE YOUR CAR – have the battery, tires, fluids, oils and brakes checked

REMOVE SNOW AND ICE before you hit the highways, and replace wiper blades if your current set streaks

PREP AN EMERGENCY KIT – include items such as tire chains, tow rope, jumper cables, ice scrapers, snow shovel, salt, first aid kit, extra clothes, blankets/towels, high-energy snacks, and money

AVOID THE LESS-TRAVELED PATH as these are less likely to be cleaned and treated. Also, if you do break down, you’ll have fewer chances to stop someone to help you

KEEP YOUR DISTANCE between other cars, brake carefully, and always be mindful of speed limits

AVOID DRIVING AT NIGHT when hazards such as black ice are harder to see, and take frequent breaks to stay alert.

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