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Keep Your Appliances Safe

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about your possessions. But if you’re moving in the winter, there are some steps you should take to safeguard the safety of some of your most prized possessions. For example, many electronic devices and appliances are sensitive to cold which means they’ll need a little extra TLC. Wrap smaller items such as computers, TVs, stereos, etc. in extra blankets and plastic wrap to keep out moisture. Keep these items inside for as long as possible, and, if you can, take them with you in your heated vehicle. For larger appliances such as refrigerators and washers and dryers, make sure hoses are empty and dry, and that the insides of these machines are clean and dried out as well. For extra protection, keep extra blankets, tarps and plastic wrap nearby in case it starts to snow or rain mid move!

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