Keep Your Appliances Safe

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about your possessions. But if you’re moving in the winter, there are some steps you should take to safeguard the safety of some of your most prized possessions. For example, many electronic devices and appliances are sensitive to cold which means they’ll need a little extra TLC. […]

Winter Contingency Plans

January and February can be the coldest and snowiest months of the year, and the weather can be completely unpredictable. If you’re planning on moving in the winter, having a contingency plan in place should be one of your top priorities! Over the years, Brothers Movers has developed backup plans for when last minute winter […]

Winter Driving

If you’ll be driving your car to your new home this winter, make sure it’s in top shape before you move. It’s a great idea to get a winter tuneup before hitting the road. Make sure your gas tank is full, fluids are topped off, and that you have some de-icer, ice scrapers or even […]

Do’s and Don’t’s of Summer Moves

Even as summer winds downs, there are plenty of warm days ahead. Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s to remember when moving in the heat! DO: Leave the heavy lifting to us – we’ve been moving large and bulky items for years and know the best ways to do so without getting hurt. Make sure […]

Time to Clean the Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house, and probably one of the more difficult ones to pack. You’ll be surprised by the sheer number of kitchen items – both big and small – that you’ll have tucked away in cabinets and drawers. Before your move is a great time to […]

Socks Are The Secret

This week, it’s time to take a closer look at – SOCKS! Did you know that socks can be used for all sorts of things in addition to keeping your feet warm? For example, wrap the stems of glassware with a sock, place it into another sock, and secure with packing tape before placing into […]

10 Top Home Maintenance Tips

As temps get cooler and days get shorter, now is the time to address some maintenance items around your home. These things are easier to do before the weather gets cold, and they can save you time and money in the long run! 1. Inspect your roof for missing shingles, debris or fallen tree limbs […]

Don’t Forget the Utilities!

Transferring your utilities is a vital part of any move. The first step is to make a list of all of your service providers and contact info. You’ll have to cancel or transfer things such as your electricity, water, gas, phone, television and internet, waste removal, security and others. A move is also the perfect […]

Moving in Bad Weather

While we’d all like to have sunshine and warm breezes on moving day, if inclement weather is in your move forecast, don’t despair. With just a little forethought, you can keep yourself, your movers and your belongings safe. If there is snow or ice accumulation, make sure you clear it from walkways, paths and steps […]

Out With The Old

It’s time to say goodbye – not only to the old year, but to those items that no longer inspire love in your life! The start of a new year is a great time to clear the clutter of things that no longer bring you joy. Start with little things – like nail polish or […]